Artistic Impressions

Welcome to my Artistic Impressions Page!  Here you'll find some of my favorite photos I've taken over the years and around the world!

Each of the photos on this page is available for purchase in a variety of mediums and sizes (photo-canvas, metal, photo grade paper, etc.).  If you see something that would look awesome in your home or place of business, send me an email at - indicating which photo you're interested in, how you'd like it printed (what medium) and the size you're looking for.  After I receive your request, I'll provide a quotation for you as quickly as I can.

(Please include the description: "Artistic Impressions" in the subject of your email.)

*Click on a photo to open in a new window

And be sure to check back often, as new photos could be added at any time...

Busy as a Bee

After the Rain

The Eyeland

Quick, While He's Not Looking!

Morning Therapy

If I Only Had Wings

A Beacon Of Light

Innocence of Youth

Spring To Life

Marigold Duo

Ain't That A Dandy?

Standing Alone

White Dahlia

Pearl Street Bridge

Into The Light

Spring Time In Holland - Red And White Tulips

You Only Think I'm Rare

Spring Time In Holland - Purple Tulips

Love's Flame


Age Of Innocence

An Ocean View, Suite!

We Have A Guest

Coming To Center

Sunburst - Flowers

Upon Reflection

Even In Darkness, There Is Light

Spring Time In Holland - Black And White Tulips

You Looking At Me?